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Some of the best stories start off simply. I’d read – and liked! – their article  “Tu comprends, c’est pour le Web”, a parody of a typical meeting with a prospect that really hit home for (and with) me.

Who were these sharp creatives with the great sense of humor? I took a look at their website and their French SlideShare presentation, which tossed in bits of English for rhythm and flavor. Save that the bits often included unfortunate mistakes that detracted from the message. I liked this twosome’s spirit and decided to give them a hand.

So I shot off a quick email to Célina and Olivier, using a similarly pithy tone. I corrected the most obvious glitches, but didn’t say a word about what I do or what services I could offer them.

No sales pitch, just value

When we received the email, we broke out in a big smile at the positive feedback on our article, thinking “Cool, this really speaks to people!”

The author corrected our prez! Without pitching services, without any heavy-handed promotion. Just professional advice that was spot on and that made us want to trust her with translating our presentation. We had to get that done soon anyway, the timing was perfect!

Giving is receiving

A few weeks later, Célina called. And I got down to work. Thankfully, they’d given free reign, which allowed me to make some radical changes in the presentation’s ending so it would hit home in English and to suggest an extra slide to close with a “sticky”.

So / Happy

[wpcol_2third id=”” class=”” style=””] The result is exactly what we needed. We expect professionals to make and defend their creative copywriting choices and recommendations. We like passionate people who will stand up for their views to achieve the best possible outcome.

We needed to adapt our manifesto into English to pursue our strategy. We are EAGER to start dialogs with Anglo-Saxon clients and partners who are famously talented storytellers.

Our ideas and our positioning are sometimes quite subtle. Their expression in English had to bridge cultural differences for the “So / Cult” spirit to shine through.

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socultstudio Apr 16, 7:46pm via Echofon

Special thxxx @lokahiandquill for the perfect copywriting. So / Good >…
(trad. FR > EN et inversement, on recommande!)