Creative business copywriting

Spice up your cross-cultural communications


Spice up your copy

Is your copy giving you the results you need?

Compelling copy is vitamin C for your bottom line. You’ve got just 30 seconds to make a positive impression that sticks: is your message on target?

Lee Iacocca said it: “You can have great ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.”

Go from drab to piquant

Business writing shouldn’t be boring! Persuasive copy that is crisp and clear to your readers is a key asset in many business areas, including:

  • Internal and external communications
  • Marketing and business development
  • HR recruitment and retention
  • Crisis management
  • Corporate social and environmental responsibility

Think story

Writing compelling copy means telling a good story. A clever plot and believable characters engage your readers so your key messages resonate and stick.

The human brain is wired for stories. A good narrative has a powerful effect on our emotions and ways of thinking. When you want to influence what people believe and how they feel about an issue, or if you aim to change their behavior, storytelling is highly effective.

Not what you say, but how you say it

To captivate, you must resonate with your target by tickling the senses and waking long-term memory triggers. To persuade and build trust across cultures, you need to speak their language and show intercultural intelligence (CQ). Culture is the invisible backdrop that molds our behavior, expectations and values and gives specific meaning to words and concepts. Storytelling copy that leverages the target culture’s stories and codes makes your key messages relevant and compelling.   

Copywriting specializations

Like other professions, copywriters specialize. Most of my copywriting work in English revolves around above and below the line B to B copywriting.

Above the line copywriting is creativity intensive. The fewer words the better. This is the realm of advertising copywriting, where brand names, baselines and slogans are invented.

Below the line copywriting refers to longer, more journalistic business copy that you find for example in annual reports, corporate magazines, case studies, feature articles, brochures and websites.

Key benefits of working with me

I speak your language

Native American, raised on solid French fare spiced up with Vietnamese pepper … a rich
cultural mix.

Francis Contat, Widdoo

  • Native French and English (US) speaker, dual national and intercultural expert
  • Management experience in marketing and business development
  • Sector-specific expertise

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