Cross-cultural Training & Consulting

Intercultural transformerToo many people still believe mastering a foreign language is enough to communicate  effectively in a multicultural context.

Motivation and attitude have a direct effect on outcome. Half of mergers fail to achieve the added value expected due to cultural differences – in work styles, values, decision making processes, and communication codes.

“Very serious errors occur when intercultural considerations are ignored within an international company.”

Jean Rancoule, Director of Internal Communications, Safran (Com’Ent, Nov. 2007)


Cultural intelligence (CQ)

CQ is the ability to understand the effects of a person’s cultural background on their behavior, correctly interpret what is unfamiliar compared with your own culture and respond in a manner that proves you are engaging through their cultural prisms and values. This bidirectional skill – understanding the other and ensuring you are properly understood – is key to effective international business relationships.

CQ relies on 3 main vectors:

  • Emotional intelligence: sensitivity and the motivation to foster mutually beneficial communications
  • Cognitive intelligence:  nurturing the curiosity to learn about your own culture and that of others
  • Physical intelligence: leveraging the senses and the full array of non-verbal communication channels

Cross-cultural training & consulting

To help you develop a competitive edge in the global market, I offer custom-tailored workshops and intercultural consulting services in the following areas:

  • Pre-M&A and branding audits
  • Team building
  • Global virtual team management and best practices
  • Executive communications coaching
  • Effective presentation skills
  • Expatriation training

Test yourself

Do you know?

-That the art of negotiation varies according to the culture of the person you are dealing with?
-What a simple “yes” means in the United States? In Japan? In England?
-What makes for an effective presentation, for example, in Germany?
-How to communicate a negative message without damaging your image?
-How to build and deliver an oral presentation that will seduce your audience?

-That 50% of unprepared expatriations fail and what you can do so solve this?
-How to motivate and reward a foreign colleague?
-What are the specific abilities and aptitudes required to be a stellar multicultural team manager?
-Which best practices should be implemented to ensure the success of your virtual team — and of
your project?




Want to dazzle your audience?


The next time you need to make a dazzling impression on your team, your clients or your interest holders, let’s work on getting the cultural colors right.