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H4Events, an upmarket events agency dedicated to the world of golf, was created in France in 2012. Soon, one of the four founders, Laurent-Alix Huguet, sought to expatriate to Florida, launch the H4’s American subsidiary, and conquer the US market.

Despite its reputation as an entrepreneurial heaven, landing a visa to live and work in the United States is far from simple. Winning that precious investor visa requires a compelling, well-researched and rock-solid business plan that meets American exigiencies in term of capital risk, job creation and potential for success.

Along with a CPA in Florida and an attorney in Paris, I worked with Laurent-Alix to develop his business plan, craft a strategic positionning, seek the appropriate support and endorsements and prepare for the interview at the American Embassy.

One doesn’t move to the USA as one goes there on vacation. The regulations are strict. You need to have a solid professional and personal plan in place. Patricia worked with us and helped us prepare our application. Her assistance was invaluable and certainly key to our success. Patricia was an extraordinary ally who knew how to listen and to advise us.

Laurent-Alix Huguet, Founder and CEO H4Events USA

Laurent-Alix and his family obtained their visas, H4Events USA launched successfully in 2013 and the company’s growth is strong and steady!