“Fearless Un-marketing” workshop for Aprotrad

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As I write often about freelance marketing and positioning on my blog, Aprotrad, a professional translators association based in Orléans, asked me to design a training workshop to help boost members’ businesses.

This day-long session took place in March 2011. Flippantly titled “Fearless Un-Marketing”, it combined high-impact visual presentations, leveraging information about neuroscience, some NLP self-discovery and confidence-boosting improvisation techniques, with individual and group exercises.

Each participant completed the workshop with a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses in their personal marketing, clearly defined expertise and niche and a close-to-polished presentation that can resonate with prospects.

As Hélène Piantone, the association’s President summarized:

“Not only did the workshop meet our expectations, but you also succeeded in bringing out the best in each one of us. I am amazed at the presentations [several participants] made in front of all of us at the end of the day. You boosted them to the max. A huge thank you.”