About you

You take as much care choosing your service providers as I do my clients. Having the right fit is a key success factor.

What I do reflects on youWhat I do reflects on you

My clients invest themselves in the projects we do together, because they affect their reputation, their image and their business. Like my clients, you are at the top two tiers of the management pyramid, those that deal with vision, strategy and tactics.

Your profile

  • You are a senior manager, executive or a direct C-level report responsible for international corporate communications, marketing and business development.
  • You are acutely aware of the return on investment compelling copy and captivating presentations bring to your business.
  • You realize that cultural differences play a major role when communicating with international clients and targets – particularly when the working language is no one’s native tongue.
  • You recognize the quality of your company’s communications in a foreign language boosts its international reputation and credibility.
  • To you “adequate” is good enough for the competition. Your company wants to stand out of the crowd.
  • You have an important stake in your project and wish to be involved. You want to work with a service provider who can collaborate on strategy and come up with creative solutions.
  • You want a partner who is operational, experienced, takes responsibility and has an “Of course, and?” reflex to complex requests.

If you’ve checked off 4 or more of these 7 points, you fit right in with the type of clients I work with. Please contact me for a free, no obligation consult.

Effective communications demand more than just the right words. In today’s competitive global environment, proven intercultural expertise helps your company access international markets and build trust with target customers.

Don’t hesitate. If you have critical needs and you wish to rely on a professional who will invest herself fully in your project, work with Patricia!

Guilhem Fouetillou, co-founder Linkfluence